Tuesday, 6 January 2015

About me.........and this blog

A Spring bicycle tour seems to have become a regular feature of my life since my first tour in Morocco in 2012.  I'm very fortunate to have an understanding wife, good health and a lifestyle that enable me to do this. This year it's India for 10 weeks. I'm now reasonably experienced and confident about my ability to cope with the rigours of touring but this trip is looking particularly rigorous towards the end : )

I'm writing this as a personal record and as a resource for other cyclists who might be contemplating undertaking a similar venture. I prefer to call it a journal rather than a blog, a ships log of the trip if you like. It will quote prices of meals, accommodation, distances and other minutiae of bike travel. You have been warned! : )

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  1. I have finally caught up with your travels Mike. What a land of contrasts . . . beauty and wealth, poverty and squalid areas.. . . . .friendly locals you can feel easy with and trust with others who might fleece you if you gave them the chance.
    You seem to have caught the feeling and culture of the part of India covered by your journey very well in the wonderful photos you have taken . . . . how you do it so well whilst traveling and all that this entails I find hard to understand . . . it must be very difficult to achieve but you do it very well.
    I am surprised there haven't been more comments as I know there are lots of my friends following. It might be that its hard to comment unless you are computer savvy.
    Stay safe Mate . . . I will keep up with the rest of the trip . . . . Dad.