Monday, 12 January 2015

Another set-back - or dope on a rope

I've been promising myself that I must have a go at wake-boarding before we leave the island on Wednesday. I figured it can't be that much different to standing up on a kite-board, right?

Wrong! I'd forgotten that on a kiteboarding you are wearing a harness which pulls you up out of the water. Wake-boarding is more like water skiing. I was surprised at how much pull on the arms was required to get up and going on the water. After about 5 minutes and halfway across the bay I let go of the rope to let my leg muscles have a rest. During the next pull up I heard or felt something give way in my lower back, accompanied by a stabbing pain. Game over for the time being. At the moment I'm laying on the bed dosed up with a cocktail of painkillers from the local Klinik, hoping that I feel better before its suitcase-shifting time. 

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