Thursday, 8 January 2015

Visa panic!

I'm sitting on the beach in Malaysia, quietly congratulating myself about everything falling into place re the trip when the small word 'visa' wormed it's way into my consciousness. Something to check out, probably don't need one, maybe visa-on-arrival. Two minutes on the internet upset the apple cart completely. I need a visa, I have a ridiculously small amount of time to get one and if I can't then kiss goodbye to three plane tickets.....oh shit!

Here's the recovery plan, you idiot!
  • Arrive back in Portugal on afternoon of 16th January, go straight to airport office of DHL and handover passport, forms, photos and lots of money for next day shipment to express-visa-handling-service in the UK.
  • Send  express-visa-handling-service lots of money.
  • Wait for the passport to arrive back in Portugal before we leave for the airport on 25th January.
Will it arrive in time. No idea.  As a start I head along the beachfront to get my 50mm x 50mm mugshots for the visa application. It's Friday, Muslim country, come back tomorrow.

Ok, change of plan. Express-visa-handling-company can't help me unless I have a UK address. 

Plan B (thanks for the idea Maria!). Next  Sunday I'm travelling down to Lisbon to present my visa application (and 165€) at the Indian Embassy on Monday morning. Not sure how long it will take to process so still a little uneasy about it. 

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