Monday, 6 April 2015

05 April - Alwa to Jaipur

Day's run: 130 km
Total: 2,465 km
Start:  07:11 am
Saddle Time:   07:32
Total Climb:    506 m
Total Descent: 338 m
Average: 17.2 kph

Heading south west out of Alwa I enter the Sariska Tiger Reserve. Whether there are actually  any tigers left has been recently called into question as no-one has seen one since 2004. Nevertheless, the scenery is pleasant, a bit like Cheddar Gorge with monkeys and peacocks.  That's the start of the Aravalli Range which running north/south divides Rajasthan into the greener east and the more desert-like west.

There are lots of small marble carving enterprises here. I have a small piece of this marble in the bottom of one of my panniers.

All cut by hand. On the way out of Delhi I saw loads of cut corn lying soaking wet in flooded fields. Apparently, the unseasonal wet weather has damaged a lot of this years crop and there has been a blip in the number of farmers committing suicide, many of whom have taken on huge loans.

I had to photograph this - I stop for a chai at a crossroads tea stall. The water used to make the tea was fished out of the yellow container - originally containing JCB transmission oil!

Shouting and tooting for the last half dozen passengers to climb aboard the jeep taxi

I've been feeling rough today after waking up in the night with a sore throat and a very pleased to see the entrance to Jaipur after 125 km. Day off tomorrow! Just got to find my hostel in what is a surprisingly big city.

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