Thursday, 2 April 2015

30 Mar - Glad to see Ratnagiri

Day's run: 121 km

Total: 2059 km

Start:  06:45 am

Saddle Time:   08:54

Total Climb:    1376 m

Total Descent: 1340 m

Average: 13.6 kph

Ratnagiri is a big town 120 km away to the north and I'm determined to get there, 'shit or bust' as they say. I need a shower, to wash some clothes and get a decent meal.

The red dust of Maharashtra. These are the original brake blocks still looking good after 9,000 km

Cheap and cheerful Indian street lighting

Cow pats drying - used for cooking fires. Nice slow burn and I bet they smell good too!

After my meagre beach supper last night I'm really hungry, so I stop early at the first bhaji shop I come across. their 'ready in  10 minutes' turns into a frustrating 45 minutes as they wait for the oil to heat up and prepare the batter etc etc. Meanwhile the sun is rising in the sky..........

I've seen more than enough of these estuaries today, pretty as they are. The riding along the coast is basically repetitive .........ride along a reasonably flat but barren 100m plateau, then hairpins down to a river bridge with a view like this, followed by a tough hairpin climb back to the plateau. As I've climbed nearly 1400 metres today, I reckon I must have done this 14 times. Now it's getting late, I'm knackered and it will be a night arrival in Ratnagiri...........there's no way  I'm  sleeping on the beach for a third night!!

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