Wednesday, 1 April 2015

28 Mar - Heading north into Maharashtra. Panjim to Vengurla.

Day's run: 121 km
Total: 1,861 km
Start:  06:21 am
Saddle Time:   06:50
Total Climb:    892 m
Total Descent: 897 m
Average: 13.4 kph

Yesterday, the 27th, was a rest day. I don't think I did a lot except write up the blog. Oh yes, in the evening I rode out to the Portuguese Cathedral in Goa Velha, but didn't go in  because there was a service taking place.
Evening ride out to Goa Velha - The Bishops Palace on the left and the Cathedral on the right

Saturday -  

Some nice lanes through North Goa. Bag searched at the border with Maharashtra. People seem much friendlier. Decided to camp on a beach tonight if at all possible. Stop at ideal spot, Paradise Beach, 7 km long, and have lunch and swim but it is too early in the day and I decide to press on to Vengurla where a nice Muscovite lady at Paradise Beach told me there was a deserted beach. I had mentioned to her how the locals stared at foreigners in the rural areas. Yes, they are like young children, she said.  .....which is a nice way of thinking about it. 

A nice bit of tarmac to start off the day in northern Goa, but I spy hills ahead!

Pocket Earth has stitched me up again! The only question is how long will it go on for?

Neat hand-cut rice drying in the sun

Smoky engine on this boat. It's carrying a load of sand and looks to have about1" of freeboard!

Thank you Pocket Earth! I know it's the most direct route but................

Rajasthan meets Maharashtra

Another fine beach you've got me onto! Aptly named Paradise Beach.

This is Samantha. The deal is ....she guards my bike while I go for a swim and I'll buy an omelette and a cup of tea from her stall.........bargain!

Another beach, another bunch of curious well-wishers. These are a bunch of college teachers down from Pune. The one on the right teaches yoga and welding!

What more could you ice lolly and the Swedish netball team : )

Another road closure to contend with. They will let me through if I take their problem.

I'm trying to find a beach for the night somewhere that has life support ie food and water. I end up down some horribly steep tracks and have to get off and push for the first time coming out of this valley. A low point.

I found a beach but will be dining frugally on 2 tomatoes, a cucumber, a green pepper and some peanuts, oh and some biscuits. I have gathered a few empty plastic bottles as you can see. I didn't want to ditch them but there is nowhere to put them........rubbish bins just don't exist.

My spot for the night. I took the flysheet off in the end.....even with it open it was too hot. The lovely sea breeze just dies off around 7 pm.


  1. Time to switch from Pocket Earth?!?

  2. Hi Mark!
    No! It's brilliant, really intuitive to use. I guess it's only as good as the open source data it has to work with, which obviously isn't as well-defined here compared to Europe.