Friday, 27 March 2015

26 Mar - To Panjim via Vasco de Gama

Day's run: 70 km
Total: 1,861 km
Start:  08:52 am
Saddle Time:   04:22
Total Climb:    369 m
Total Descent: 367 m
Average: 16.1 kph

The history of Goa is fascinating. The Portuguese were kicked out (by overwhelming Indian military force) as recently as 1961 and even then Salazar wouldn't recognise this fait accompli. It wasn't until he was kicked out in 1975 that diplomatic relations were re_established with Portugal. Even now, the state is administered using the Portuguese Civil Code (/Law) which is why there are so many beautiful heritage (hate that word!) houses are left to rot while the numerous inheritors (herdadeiros) fight amongst  themselves about what to do over their joint inheritance. Again, it's exactly the same in Portugal.

Nearing Vasco, As usual, the usual jostling for pole position at the level crossing gates.

I was fascinated by the shipbuilding and repair going on in the Zuari River estuary. The bulk of the ships seemed to be coal/ iron ore lighters.

Old Cross turning into New Cross?

Veggie market. Vasco da Gama sounded romatic but it is a real dump. I'd pedalled right out to the headland to try and justify my diversion there.....but nothing. A big disappointment.

This is more bullshit and propaganda from India Oil, who even paint their big storage tanks, full of what makes the world go round, with flowers and trees.

Good governance? I suppose the message is out there but it all rings a little holllow.

Now this is real engineering! How, given the basic equipment they have, do you put together a ship of this size?

End of the line.

Nossa Senhora da Peneda, Alto Minho....with white paint and palm trees make-over!

Panjim is much nicer. Thankfully, some properties are being conserved ........see, I avoided using the heritage word  : )

 I've had my non-slip studs ground off my pedals and now they are leg -friendly but (surprise! surprise!) too slippery. So, now I'm going to stick some emery paper on to them.

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  1. Mike - where are you heading and how long do you have left?