Sunday, 8 March 2015

07/08 Mar - Rest days in Mysore

Mysore, the state capital has a nice vibe to it, sort of laid back and I decide to stay two days  before pressing on towards Hampi.


The Maharajah's Palace - I took the tour and was impressed by the scale and grandeur, they can match the Brits for pomp and ceremony any day......solid silver doors, 750kg thrones containing 80 kg of gold. The 3D mural paintings that took 13 years to paint were amazing. Cast iron support pillars from Glasgow. Victorian floor tiles. Italian marble etc etc
The current Maharajah is studying at an Ivy League university in the states. No photos allowed inside, the Maharajah, obviously short of a bob or two, has the copyright all sewn up.

I was told this jaguar bronze was cast in Glasgow too.

Hahahaha! Zig-zag driving..........emitting black smoke..............using shrill horn!! Hahahah! It's got to be a joke.

I can get my Birkenstocks retreaded here, with real tyre tread! Actually I,ve been wearing them for over 600 km now and they are very comfortable. That natty lipped design means that when it rains they fill up with water.......and you get a free foot bath  : )

You like? I'm pimping up my bike Indian-style........and it sort of conceals the Rohloff hub. Front wheel same same.

Sunday 08 March

I take a walk to Mysore's famous market. As soon as you walk in you are enveloped in the smell of incense, perfume and spices. I was dressed down for the visit but all the same I must have stood out like a sore thumb to any pick pocket in the area. Very enjoyable. I bought tomatoes, grapes and bananas. The only sticky people were the perfume salesman. "I can't buy any joss sticks, sorry, I'm travelling on a bicycle". "Put them in a backpack then". "A backpack in 35 deg?" He thinks I've cycled to the market, He, or anyone else for that matter, has some difficulty grasping the concept of cycling across India. 

I realise I am avoiding people. If I get asked the 'what is your name/where are you from' combo one more time I shall scream, harmless as it is. All I ask for is a little variation. Please.

Look at those protruding testicle mincers........ouch!

So, tonight for a change I got lucky. Sunday is the day they light up the Palace for an I went and had a look........

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