Wednesday, 18 March 2015

15 Mar - Shimoga to Harpanahalli

Day's run: 124 km
Total: 1253 km
Start:  06:50
Saddle Time:   07:11
Total Climb:    626 m
Total Descent: 528 m
Average: 17.2 kph

Map placeholder

Falling out of love with the Pocket Earth routing algorithm after 10km of this. I'd set 'shortest route by car - no unpaved roads'. It's a pretty barren landscape and I have set off waterless expecting there to be plenty of places to buy some. Lesson learnt.

It soon greens up, back in rice paddy again. I meet a local guy testing out the boreholes which supply the water. He proudly maintains 5 boreholes in this area. Good for agro-business, not so good when the village well dries up.

Composting the remains of the cotton plants after harvesting............throw the plants on the road and let the traffic do the work of breaking it down for bedding.

Another primitive working lime kiln

The GPS says go this way. No way! It's a farm track covered in cow shit isn't it. I discover that it is a wet mulch of mud and broken down coocnut shells to allow the new concrete underneath to cure slowly .....sunscreen!  We use damp sack cloth in the UK.

I'm checking out my second floor room for the night but also keeping an eye on my bike which is attracting the usual amount of interest. This is where a fellow traveller would be useful. I later drag the bike up the stairs and keep it in my room.

Fried rice. Delicious and only 20 rupees. That's all mine!

It#s an eventful evening. Thunderstorm........power cut.........generator kicks in and kicks out again after a stops whirring and the heat in the room is unbearable. It's dark..............I'm given a candle to light the room, not a good omen. There is a tremendous racket coming from the unlit street below....firecrackers, music blaring at 100% distortion.........I give up any idea of an early night and head for the street. It's a wedding procession stuck in the traffic. Here are the couple watching the fireworks and greeting well-wishers. He spots me filming and waves back, the only pale face in the gloom.

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