Sunday, 1 March 2015

26/27 Feb - R&R in Kochi

26/27 Feb - R&R in Kochi

Daily Run 10km    Total  257km

Part of my ramble around Fort Kochi
I'm not much of a sight-seer, especially when it gets steamy hot in the afternoon. The only place I really wanted to look at was the Indo-Portuguese museum which turned out to a load of dusty church relics. What impressed more was the sound of the big guns live firing from the Indian Naval Service Gunnery School, whose motto 'Hit first, hit hard, keep hitting' is a bit like my touring mantra ' Start pedalling, pedal slowly, keep pedalling (except for tea-breaks). An incident towards the end of my trip took the shine off the day. I stopped in amongst a hoard of boys just out of school. While I chatted away to those in front the little buggers at the back had been ripping open the bottom of two plastic bags of shopping I had tied on the rear rack. I was furious and they all scattered during my tongue-lashing. One sweet lad came back and apologised. 

Lots of red flags around here. It's all  too black and white, I certainly don't feel like a work animal, am I a capitalist?

These Chinese fishing nets are all along the coast. Here tourists can have a photo opportunity hauling up the net.

If I was ever to own a motorbike it would look something like this beauty

Not a lot of people smoke here............spitting, yes. I was in a tiny tea-shop when another aged occupant cleared his throat at length. I was looking for a spittoon on the floor and tucking my feet under my chair when he stood up in the doorway and spat a perfect jet between a narrow gap in the drain covers outside, gone. Impressive! They probably practiced as kids while we were playing marbles.

All rubbing along together on this little peninsular you have a mosque, synagogue, temples and churches of various denominations

Don't be fooled by the title,I ate the other side of that white fence everyday (not fish and chips btw) and the food is superb. It makes you wonder though, in a city like this, that women, NEVER a man, have to come and hand pump and carry water from the street (and only available at certain hours)

I'm heading for Ooty tomorrow, maybe 3 or 4 days to get there. I'll be first in line for the ferry tomorrow morning......06:30.

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