Tuesday, 17 March 2015

14 Mar - Sringeri to Shimoga -via Agumbe

Day's run: 120 km
Total: 1129 km
Start:  07:20
Saddle Time:   06:54
Total Climb:    891 m
Total Descent: 953 m
Average: 17.4 kph

I decide on a short run of 28k to Agumbe 'to see the sunset'. This plan fails when I arrive at Agumbe before 10h00. Am I going to hang around all day to see the sun sink into the haze. It's not going to compare to say, a Perth sunset is it? So, I decide to head NNE and started eating into the distance to Hampi

MAP placeholder

Unexciting photo but the granite pillars and roof tiles are exactly like those found in Portugal

Chariot pile-up. It's a mystery to me but it's not the only one I see

Tea and tiffin in Agumbe before I head off north. These sandals have been my only footwear to date, very comfy.

I quickly interrupt this school sports session with my presence. The sport seems to be running around the perimeter of the dry red dust playing field in pristine white school uniforms including tie. Boys in front, girls behind.

I take the initiative ......"My name is Michael, I am from England. How are you?"  In perfect unison a chorus of  "Fine, thank you!"  All proceeds sin an orderly fashion until I produce the camera for a group photo. The boys barged to the front and I was mobbed. It needed the referees white foam to get them to stand far enough back to get a photo. Teacher looks worried at the mayhem and so I retreat. Great fun.

It's the poster painter again. Notice he signs and dates each 'canvas'.

Not many Indesit automatics around here. The cleaning method seems to flail the washing on a rock. I'l do my own laundry thanks!

Map in hotel. My route tomorrow is NNE on the SH25 to Harapanahalli through Harihara. People ask me where I have come from. Even if I could remember I couldn't pronounce it.

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