Friday, 27 March 2015

25 Mar - To Margao and on to Benaulim Beach

In search of an iPhone repair shop........

Day's run: 36 km
Total: 1,791 km
Start:  06:12 am
Saddle Time:   02:24
Total Climb:    434 m
Total Descent: 439 m
Average: 14.3 kph

Last night my iphone wouldn't charge or connect to the computer using either of my two cables (of dubious origin). As the phone had taken a knock when my bike fell over I convinced myself that the socket was damaged. I switched my simcard to a back up phone (bloody Apple with it's nano/micro sim card sizes).  I found out there was an Apple store that did repairs in Margao. So that was my mission for the day. I eventually homed in on the store by going round the town in ever decreasing circles. The body blow was that they didn't actually do repairs at all. So much in India, both literally and figuratively, is bullshit. Why did they advertise on the web that they did when they clearly didn't?
No matter, they said, the Apple store in Panjim will be doing repairs from April 1st. Yeah! Sure!
Fortunately, it was just a faulty cable and I now possess the genuine Apple article which cost the equivalent of 5 days accommodation in my beach hut. The assistant picked up my look-a-like $1 cable with thumb and forefinger, as if it was a dog turd, and dropped it in the bin.

A meander north to Margao (disappointing) and then out to the beach at Benaulim. The climb out of Agonda beach over the headland was a killer. Should have taken the N17 main road! At the top of the climb I took my T-shirt off and wrung the sweat out of it. 

These unprepossessing village stores, as in Portugal, don't look very promising from the outside but seem to stock most of my needs, matches, washing powder, water, mosquito coils........without charging the tourist premium.

My evening walk to a fish restaurant along Benaulim beach (to the white specks in the distance). There was a lone kitesurfer with a 12m kite on this beach earlier in the day (green with envy!)

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