Wednesday, 18 March 2015

17/18 Mar - A tour of Hampi

So, I've signed up for a 4hr guided tour by bike, as it's a pretty big area to cover. I've only included a fraction of the photos I took (I hear a big sigh of relief!). The facts and figures are amazing.

The cycle group were a nice bunch from all over the world. As usual I was the oldest by a mile.

See, I woz here!

After the meal we went to the tour guides' house where his wife had prepared some great food...this is my banana leaf.....and I had my first beer since I can't remember when. The only trouble is I can't sit cross-legged and eat.....I'm not bendy enough any more, so I lie on my side which is not much better!

I remember that this is the Queen's bath and is constructed in the Indo-Islamic style

Some interior detail in the Queen's Bath

Not the most impressive photo but these are the little shops of the original bazaar where gold and diamonds from Africa, horses from Arabia and more, silks from China, all were traded for Indian spices. The bazaar stretched away on both sides of the road for 700m. Can you imagine the scene, the smells.

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