Saturday, 11 April 2015

10 Apr - Devgarh to Nathdwara

Day's run: 81 km
Total: 2,695 km
Start:  06:42 am
Saddle Time:  04:55
Total Climb:    376 m
Total Descent: 438 m
Average: 16.4 kph

A dusty, hazy sunrise from my balcony

The entrance gates to the Palace courtyard

Well, these gates to the coach-house look original. My bike is parked inside. As I drag them open to go in I find some of the hotel staff playing an early morning game of badminton.

On the road again, the best time of the day.......and the scenery is improving

Flame trees

On the other hand, 'What goes up must come down'. My aptly named room for the night in Nathdwara.


  1. This last bit is great Mike . . its all been great. It was a strange coincidence reading about your thoughts and comments about the road and thorns . . .only yesterday I went out on my electric Aseako bike . . .a great machine but as you know, I cant walk much lately so at the end of my ride, I decided to go round the perimeter of the paddock opposite the cottage . . .really enjoyed it. Got home, had a cuppa, went outside for another spin and found two flat tyres like yours (26 x 1.95) covered with all our local thorns called three cornered jacks. I have just sent away to E-Bay for two new Thornproof tyres.
    I enjoyed these last 3 contributions a lot . . . .not many more to go but I will keep up. Stay safe . . .Dad.

  2. Re thornproof tyres.........I wouldn't interpret 'thornproof' too literally, maybe 'thorn resistant', and best stay out of the paddocks to avoid disappointment : )

    I've been really lucky with punctures. The bike's done (with my assistance) about 10,000 km now and I've only had one puncture (in Cyprus). This trip I've still got 100% Portuguese air in the tyres, not even had to pump them up. Catching the train to Mumbai this evening.

    1. Great way of looking at it "100% Portuguese air in the tyres' . . Ha ha.
      I stand corrected as well . . its old age . . . .I meant to say Thorn resistant TUBES not tyres. I've ridden around the paddock on my Giant that as you know has real skinny tyres that are bald but I must have been lucky . . . the farmers are really fussy about keeping the jacks out of grazing areas so those I found with the Aseako must have been a rare.
      Still following you 'ol Chap.