Wednesday, 8 April 2015

08 Apr - Rest day in Pushkar

OK, I didn't do much in Pushkar as I had some work to do on our cottage-letting website. Just a gentle afternoon stroll along the bazaar looking for an ATM.  Pushkar is a pilgrimage destination both for real pilgrims and neo-hippies. It's a small, friendly, laid back place built around a holy lake where nothing seems particularly urgent. Lots of beads and dreadlocks and swamis. I look and feel a bit out of place, like the pallid Russian tourists. Some-one said once your here it's hard to summon the energy to leave. I can relate to that.

I decide to get my cycling shorts repaired. There are dozens of tailor's shops in this small town........why is that?
 I ask how much the repair has cost me. "Whatever you want to pay". That's Pushka.

Me trying to be arty

The Apprentice

I'm heading off south tomorrow, not sure where I will end up as there doesn't look to be anything much ahead in the way of towns between 80 and 120 km..........not the tent again : /

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